"The staff performed above and beyond the call of duty to assist me in setting up my trip and, in particular, my luggage transfer."

Jim R., Italy

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BikeRentalsPlus! has all kinds of bicycles available to rent in Italy and France.

Accessories for Your Bicycle Trip

Getting around in Europe on one of our rental bikes doesn't mean you have to give up the creature comforts. We rent bike panniers, roof racks for your rental car or van, B.O.B. bike trailers; we can provide route planning, villa rentals, hotel booking assistance, luggage shuttles, even bike theft insurance -- just ask us for what you need, we probably can provide it or get you in touch with someone who can.

Route Consulting and GPS devices
Expert route planning available from BikeRentalsPlus

We can provide maps and GPS routes.  GPS routes and marked maps are priced separately, please contact us for details.    We use our local knowledge of good roads and great rides to create custom bicycle routes for you. Prices vary depending on length, amount of research and development necessary. 

We also rent GPS devices for an extra fee. 


Villa Rentals
Villa information and rentals by BikeRentalsPlus
If you are looking for a villa or apartment or a hotel with great rides nearby, we are happy to help you with our vast knowledge of lodging options around Europe. To see our featured villas, click here, or e-mail us for destinations not listed here.


Hotel Bookings
Hotel Bookings can be arranged by BikeRentalsPlus
We have a standard booking fee of €25 per hotel per group.


Equipped van rentals

In Northern Italy and South East France we are able to offer 9 seat passenger vans equipped for your bicycle vacation! 
As van rental agencies typically do not provide bike carriers or racks as an additional service, we are the only company that offers vehicles fully equipped with a proper roof rack and floor pump. Prices and other accessories depend on location and season.


Bike Racks and Carriers Car or Van bike carriers available for rent from BikeRentalsPlus

Available only at our Italian headquarters. If you are a group or a Tour Operator we might deliver it to other locations in conjunction with bike and/or van rentals. Please enquire for more information.

Car clip on rack or roof rack with a capacity of two to 4 bikes depending on make and model available at €25 / day (installation by our staff included in the price) . Van roof rack with a capacity of 5-12 bikes depending on make and model available (installation by our staff included in the price). Car and van rental agencies in Europe typically do not provide bike carriers or racks as an additional service. If you would like to rent one of ours, please confirm the make and model of car or van you will rent as this information is essential to fit one of the many carriers we stock. Click here for prices

Rear Panniers
Rear panniers available for rent from BikeRentalsPlus
Rear Panniers fit our rental bikes and many other bike racks. Available at €6 / day.

B.O.B Bike Trailer and Kid Trailer
BOB bike trailers available for rent from BikeRentalsPlus
We rent Kid trailers and B.O.B. bicycle trailers.

  • B.O.B Trailer: 7€ per day
  • Kid Trailer: 15€ per day 

Luggage Shuttles

We'll either shuttle your luggage for you or find someone who can. Prices vary depending on distance and frequency of shuttle, please contact us for a quote. 

Theft Insurance
In our years of renting bicycles, we've had virtually no incidents of theft or damage, although we recognize the prospect of mishaps exists. So we offer a means to insure your rental bike against theft and damage caused by accident for selected rentals (please inquire about this product for your rental as not all of our affiliates or agents provide this option).

This insurance costs €10. It provides the following coverage:

  • in the case of minor damage to bike or loss of accessories, 100% of cost of repairs
  • in the case irreparable damage resulting in the bicycle's permanent retirement, theft or loss of the bicycle, covers the replacement cost for the bike and accessories less a 600 Euro deductible fee for standard bikes and 900 Euro deductible for Titanium bikes
  • please note that third-party liability, medical costs, and any other incidental costs that result due to rental bike damage or theft / loss of the rental bike are not covered.

Many home-owner policies and some car insurance policies provide coverage against incidental theft and damage while the insured is traveling; please check your policy to see if this is the case.